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Picture - Perfect Landscaping

Lawn care & landscaping business providing services for Seabrook, Hampton, North Hampton, Rye , Greenland, and Exeter NH areas
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Start your lawn & garden conversion plan this spring and create your PICTURE PERFECT Start to Finish Fully Organic Lawn and Garden this year.

You will take comfort knowing..

* You have no dangerous killers & chemicals in your yard

* Your on your way to creating a more self sufficient PICTURE ...

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Seasonal tip to aid in you in your transition into a fully Organic property. We all know how damaging salt and ice melt can be to our walkways , driveways, stairs , as well as how terrible dragging sand and salt into your house is.

Use this trick to save money, time, and use less dangerous che...

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Dec 30, 2021 – Mar 15, 2022

Do you have a project, idea, or job that you have been wanting to do in your property but haven't wanted to spend the money on it just yet ?

If so then maybe this offer is for you...

Now - March 15th 2022 we are offering up to 35% off and projects that can be done off season.

We are also off...

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We use anti - ice management applications of salt brine prior to snow storms .

The idea is to not allow the snow pack & ice to adhere to the hot top . This allows us to scrape down to pavement even during the worst conditions and heavy traffic packing snow down during storms.

The other benefi...

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And here we are again ! Preparing for yet another winter with an unknown amount of snow fall possibly in our near future. We are Prepared , but are you ?

If not then call, text, email, or visit our website today to find out more about our winter services.

Don't wait until the first storm an...

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20% Off Lawn Disease Correction

Sep 2, 2021 – Sep 30, 2021

As we all know, this season has really been a trying time for all our lawns and gardens.

As part of our " Start To Finish Fully Organic Lawn & Garden Maintenance Plan " we supply our clients with a custom 4 step lawn recovery visit just about every season . In doing this each September,...

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With winter right around the corner, we decided to offer a 2021 - 2022 winter snow and ice management discount to any new commercial accounts that choose our fixed monthly payment plan for November- April.

If you would like more information or you are unhappy with your current plowing company, ...

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Start your fully organic lawn care conversion plan now before it becomes too late in the season !

Call , text , or email us today for your free property evaluation, and let us show you how to properly care for your entire lawn and garden without the need for dangerous chemicals & killers.

On ...

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NO RAKES ALLOWED , During Your 2021 Spring Clean Up !

Apr 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021

So yes , you read that title right !

Why no rakes you ask ? Well I'm glad you asked. We have found that any scratching or scraping the soil or thin layer of thatch in your lawn prior to the end of May actually can promote CRABGRASS growth. So help to keep this unwanted growth including other ...

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a year ago
Rob has remove fallen trees and plows during winter. We have been using his services since we moved to Seabrook in August 2019. He is always very responsive, knowledgeable about what will best serve our needs
- Janja M
10 months ago
Professional and very knowledgeable!
- Helen B
a year ago
- ryan h

Start to Finish Fully Organic company

     With over 2 decades of experience in the landscaping industry, we have learned many things. The most important lesson second to customer satisfaction that we feel we have not only learned, but perfected is how to convert any property from an ongoing chemical based treatment plan to a more self sufficient, people & pet safe lawn & Garden
    Our long time loyal customers have allowed us over the years use their properties to create a step by step guide to a start to finish Fully Organic lawn & garden plan for just about every property type on the New Hampshire seacoast.  In doing so , our customers now enjoy a chemical & killer free , 100% safe , and nearly maintenence free Picture Perfect yard . For that opportunity, we are greatfull, not just for our loyal returning customer base, but also in helping us do our part to make the entire seacoast beautiful and safe for everyone. 
    Our main goal along with customer satisfaction, will always be , the attempt to supply other potential customers, and anyone interested in going organic, the knowledge we have learned over the past few decades.  We hope this will not only show our potential customers how much pride and care we put into each property, but also make people aware of the dangers these chemicals & killers are truly capable of. Not to mention the amount of wasted money in the long term , these other fertilizer and lawn care companies refuse to admit to the community. 
    The exact same step by step fully organic lawn & garden plan we supply everyone with, is also the same plan we ourselves use with remarkable success. 
    If you have often thought to yourself, what organic lawn or garden care consists of , then you have found yourself in the right place. Our mission is to bring people back together with mother nature, and create Picture Perfect properties all up and down the seacoast.  Some of these organic methods, materials, & mindsets include things like...
  • Proper watering techniques 
  • Proper mowing techniques 
  • Proper spring & fall clean up techniques  & proper time of season
  • Proper Aeration, thatch & over seeding 

Along with other plant & garden care
  • What organic fertilizers work
  • When to use them and how much to use in your lawn & garden 
  • Proper bed preparation for bark mulch & how often to tend to beds
  • Trimming techniques to promote slow yet strong healthy growth 
  • How to use whatever mother nature supplies your property with to your benefit & when to supplement with natural organic based products 

    The final result will always be less money spent, less work needed to maintain, less water needed, less fertilizer used, and most importantly the ability to do without expensive harsh water soluble chemicals & killers that can do serious harm over time to you, your pets , your family and your friends. Other benefits will be things like less  material hauled in and taken away at great costs to you, along with the comfort of knowing you can use your entire lawn & garden anytime you wish and never have to pull one of those dangerous pesticides/weed killer signs out of your front lawn again that state keep off for your safety  !
    Follow us on our journey and use our knowledge or services to create your very own fully organic Picture Perfect lawn & garden this growing season. We are always happy to answer questions, give free property evaluations ,or advice to anyone interested in this organic only Landscaping plan. We have even built custom guides for specific properties that need adjustments to our step by step organic plan , and we are happy to help every customer or follower the reaches out to us. Check out our Google page posts , galary , and other resources for more information.  We build our online presence directly from real life service visits we provide our customers, and future plans will include more online resources we create to offer everyone. 

    Thank you , for becoming part of our team ,as we relay this Organic only information to anyone and everyone. We also love to hear from other Landscaping lovers , in how they care for their property, or what other techniques and strategies they have found effective  !

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